Custom Fit Centre

Paul Eady and Brandon Meads will be taking the custom fit sessions in the simulator, both have a wealth of experience and knowledge in taking you through the fitting process to help you decide on the best equipment for you and how get the most out of your new equipment.

We charge a non-refundable fee of £30 for a 55 minute Iron or Wood fitting session, or we offer this free of charge if you are purchasing clubs.

We are brand stockists and custom fitters for Callaway and PING and as we are part of the Foremost buying Group we have access to virtually every brand available

If you are thinking about buying equipment for the 1st time or upgrading your existing set, you should have your new clubs fitted to your particular swing profile. Off the shelf equipment is fine for anyone to just play some occasional golf but for anyone of any age that are seriously looking to take their game to next level you must get your new clubs fitted to your unique body type and swing style, custom fit sets are no more expensive than the equivalent off the shelf models

When fitting your clubs we take the follow factors in to account to select the correct clubs for you:

  • Your Height
  • Your Frame and shape
  • Gender
  • Strength
  • Swing Speed
  • Technique
  • Right/Left Handed
  • Hand Size

From these factors your clubs may have the following different characteristics:

  • Shaft Length
  • Grip Size
  • Grip Type
  • Shaft weight and Flex
  • Shaft Material
  • Club face Lofts and head material
  • Clubhead Lie Angles

Have you ever considered that if you are consistently hitting the following shots it may just be down to your clubs and the fact they are not suited to your swing?

If you Pull or Hook the ball your clubs may need, stiffer shafts, thicker grips, flatter lie angles.

If you push or slice the ball the ball you made need, an offset head, a more flexible shaft, thinner grips or a more upright lie.

If you hit the ball too high you made need, less loft on your clubs, a clubhead with a higher centre of gravity or a shaft with a stiffer flex.

If you hit the ball too low you made need a club with more loft, a lower centre of gravity or more flex in the shaft.

If you are looking to get more distance from your clubs, your clubs may need to be lighter and have more flexible shafts fitted to them.

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