Club Mapping

£50 for a 90 minute yardage session

A club mapping session will let you know exactly how far you hit all of the clubs in your bag, a very high percentage of golfers do not know how far they hit their clubs and quite often if they do they tend to work on their best strike distance not there actual average. This often leads to the players bringing hazards in to play when they are trying to drive over bunkers or when they are hitting their approach shots in to the green finding front bunkers or leaving long putts. You may well also have 2 or 3 clubs in your bag that go virtually the same distance, this session will help you make the most out of getting accurate distances from your clubs.


Wedge Bounce angles explained

The sole of the your wedge assists you with the interaction between the club and the turf at impact, the correct bounce set up can dramatically improve the consistency of your short game strike and bunker play

  • Low Bounce wedges are suitable for firm turf and players with a shallow angle of attack
  • Neutral Bounce on your wedges for normal turf conditions and players with a neutral angle of attack
  • High Bounce is suitable for soft turf conditions and players that get steep in to the ball


Golf Ball Fitting

Golfers often use the incorrect ball for their game, playing with the right ball for you is another very simple way of improving your ball flight and consistency especially with touch on and around the green, this 15 minute session is free providing you buy 1 dozen of the golf balls you have been advised to use.

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